Freitag, 30. Oktober 2009

fits like a glove

Just for once a post completely in english. Forgive the mistakes.

After making several socks during the past 1.5 years, I made some gloves too, because the special stitch I use for the flexibility of the socks is perfect für gloves either.

I made one glove to try the effect with 3ply Regia yarn, that should match these 3ply socks: Click.

But unfortunately I can´t find this test object in my stash and so I started all over again. This time I used a 4ply Regia and still think the 3ply is better, but Coats refuses to dye a nice color palette and so the possibilities with this pretty yarn are limited.

My first try for a new glove was almost pleasing, I have to alter a few stitches here and there, and it "fits like a glove". I will optimize the pattern and make some new ones with 3ply yarn, only to make sure everyone can use his or her favourite, and then write down the pattern.

What is the term for this kind of gloves with an opening for the finger tips? I don´t like the closed full-fingered gloves, because they take all the tactile sense from the finger tips. And  I don´t regard fingerless gloves as real gloves as well, so I keep wearing something in between.


nowaks nähkästchen hat gesagt…

Die Fingerspitzen werden aber als erstes kalt... zumindest bei mir.

Schön geworden, hast du jetzt einen Daumenzwickel gemacht? Sieht nicht so aus... ist das nicht unbequem? hat gesagt…

That yarn is lovely, and the gloves look very nice!

The term I would use for those gloves is "fingerless gloves," especially since you have half-fingers made. If there were no fingers at all, I would call them "wrist warmers" (like these) but other people may call those fingerless gloves as well.

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